Quick ‘n Cool

Cool Bus goes Quick Burger Restaurant
Quick ‘n Cool
A little party never killed nobody – but it makes hungry for sure! Enjoy a “quick” stop at a Quick Restaurant of your choice.
We all like burgers and fries, right? Enjoy some freshly made burgers – relax & eat in our Cool Bus – to make sure you and your friends won’t leave hungry!
Please do not forget to print and fill out your burger order (PDF) as you make your reservation.

What's included

  • Transfer to the place of departure
  • Service on board
  • 2 hours transportation included
  • Soft Drinks (depends on the number of people)
  • 1 keg 30L Battin beer
  • Supplied Crémant (sparkling wine/depends on number of people)
  • Food order NOT included in the price
* VAT included
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