Frequently Asked Questions
Did you know?

As many as you like! 😉 Most packages include 1 hour of transportation. You will find the duration in
the description of each package under “what’s included”. Of course you can always add hours!

No. You define the pick-up and return address.

Each package includes the journey to the departure point (radius of 70 km), a 50 km trip in
the bus for a duration of at least 1 hour (depends on package), and a professional barmaid
on board. For some packages, such as the Pizza Hut package, you will also need to make
your choice of food.

No, but you can always ask the bus driver to stop for a few minutes.

No. We tried to create drinks packages that suit every taste. However, you can still customize each
package! Just let us know what you would like to add (drinks, snacks etc.) and we’ll do the necessary.

Usually no, but you can define a specific itinerary for your trip which we’ll share with the

Yes! There are a few options. You can (for example) order one/more “Pains surprises”,
meaning little sandwiches, or you can choose one of our “food packages” such as the Pizza
Hut package, or Quick package, in which case you can add some great junk food to your trip!

No. Please ask the driver to stop at a public toilet.

When you cancel your reservation > 48 hours before the trip is meant to take place, we will reimburse you 50% of the original price. If you only cancel the day before the trip, you will still have to pay the full price as mentioned on the offer.

Need more help?

Reach out to us directly via phone or email